Want To Rub Shoulder With Celebrities? Then Buy Property In Belize

    Belize is known as a place with breathtakingly beautiful beaches, dark and mysterious tropical forests, and enchanting ruins. The climate here is also pleasant most part of the year and since it was a part of the British Commonwealth, the local language is English and the laws regarding property purchase are quite similar to US or Canadian laws as both are based on British common laws! But nowhere is another great reason to buy real estate in Belize; you can be a neighbor to your favorite celebrity!

    Belize has always been a holiday gateway for Hollywood stars, but now they are buying properties here to spend more time in the country. Celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio and Francis Ford Coppola have already got a slice of this heaven and who knows, you may buy a property next to them! Now let’s see the reasons why celebrities and you will gain much by buying properties in Belize:

    First of all, the property prices of Belize are very reasonable and affordable. For example, Leonardo Di Caprio who purchased Blackadore Caye, an island near the nation’s shore, bought it for about $1.75 million only! For this money, he got not only a beautiful island but prime tropical land in the Caribbean that measures around 100 acres! He is planning now to develop, with help of the Four Season group, a luxurious hotel and eco-based property on this island.

    Now you may not have the pocket deep enough to buy an island, but one thing is sure, there are properties for you in Belize no matter how deep your pocket is! Even retirees find modest homes with their saving in Belize; so if you are still in the prime of your life, there is no reason for not getting a beautiful house here! Though it is true that celebrities are buying properties here; but the market has not been overrun by them which would have pushed the prices out of your range! The celebrities like Francis Ford Coppola who buy property here, do it because of this factor. They are running away from the crowd and Belize offers them the perfect hideaway!

    As said before, the beauty of this place will simply blow you away. These being the reason that people call Belize one of the last paradises on earth! The sandy beaches overlooking the second largest coral barrier reef in the world as well as the tropical forest which is home to some of the rarest plants and animals will make you come back to this country more than once. As tourism grows, so does the wealth of this tiny Central American country and some of that has been attentive to making sure the infrastructure of the country can rival any developed nation in the world.

    But this development is not coming at the price of destroying the natural environment; in fact, Belize has some of the tightest ecological laws and environmental protection in place. That is why even celebrities who buy properties here are working with the government to make sure that the tropical paradise retains its natural beauty. There are other reasons like low property tax, a stable currency, and a democratic government which makes Belize the place to buy your overseas property.

    One more reason why you should consider Belize is because it is very easily accessible from the USA. If you are coming from the UK, you can use the USA as the transit country. British citizens have more facility in buying properties in Belize as the British Pound is still in favor with this former colony of the crown. So if you are thinking about buying a piece of paradise on earth, take a look at different areas of Belize and join the celebrities who are making this Central American nation their home away from home.

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