Belize Buyer Trap

    Save Yourself From Common Buyer Traps When Buying A Home in Belize Avoid Paying Too Much When Buying a Home

    When setting out to buy a home, we often conjure up an image of our new home. This is the dream phase and a vital (and enjoyable!) part of determining what we need, would like to have an absolute must-have in our new home! Throw in the variable of buying a home in Belize and, likely, those dreams are going to be in technicolor!

    The idea of living in Belize, a tropical paradise, is enticing. You may imagine yourself living in a beachfront casita or on one of the 450 sun-drenched cayes of Belize. However, buying real estate in Belize demands the same common sense and judgement you would use in purchasing real estate on your home turf.

    Whether you are buying a home in Belize for retirement living, as a second home, investment property or vacation home, purchasing real estate is a major investment. For many homebuyers, it’s a more expensive process than it needs to be. Many homebuyers fall prey to common and costly mistakes that trap them into paying too much for the home they want or, conversely, losing their dream home to another buyer; or, worse yet, buying a home that simply doesn’t suit their needs or lifestyle.

    Use a systematized approach towards the home buying process in Belize and you’ll avoid some of the hitches and glitches that snag homebuyers who haven’t done their homework. Make a list outlining the special needs and unique lifestyle of you and your family.

    For example – do you engage in a more active or more passive lifestyle? Do you need or want to be close to schools, churches, vets? Is nightlife or wildlife more important to you? Examine your lifestyle and ask yourself the hard questions – what can you live without and what can’t you live without in Belize?

    If you’re into a pristine lifestyle, in an undeveloped part of the country, the district of Toledo in southern Belize might appeal to you. Or, perhaps, you’d like to trade in your hiking boots for sandals and enjoy life in an oceanfront villa on Caye Caulker? Maybe hobnobbing with the neighbors in an exclusive residential community on Ambergris Caye is in keeping with your lifestyle? Perhaps, you’re a retiree and budding birder? You’ll wake up to birdsong and discover some of the best birding in Belize in the Cayo district.

    If American-style shops, medical and dental clinics with American-trained practitioners are important to you, Corozal Town in Northern Belize might interest you. Close to the much larger Mexican city of Chetumal (population approximately 130,000), the city boasts great shopping, cinemas, restaurants and medical facilities. Maybe Cayo farmland is right for you; or a sea view lot in Corozal Town. If the amenities of the city and proximity to the airport are important considerations, Belize City boasts upscale areas such as West Landivar and Caribbean Shores.

    For such a little country, Belize is big in choices. Jungles to the west; reefs to the east; and everywhere evocative place names like Crooked Tree, Silk Grass, Monkey River Town, Lucky Strike, Floral Park, Blackman Eddy, Mango Walk, Honey Camp Lagoon, Double Head Cabbage, Never Delay, Teakettle and Bullet Tree. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

    You can save yourself from common buyer traps when buying a home in Belize by choosing a great realtor. Our Sales Associates are enthusiastic, skilled and knowledgeable professionals backed by the most trusted name in real estate – RE/MAX.

    Remember ~ buying property in Belize doesn’t have to be a foreign experience. Our realtors make buying property in Belize a breeze!

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