Alternative Ways To Travel To Belize

    Alternative Ways to Travel to Belize from North America:
    Travelling to Belize from Canada or the U.S.

    Option #1: Fly from One of the Major Gateway Cities in the U.S.

    Fly from Atlanta , Charlotte , Dallas , Houston or Miami to Belize City. Once you’re in Belize City, Tropic Air and; Maya Island Air offer frequent, short flights to various destinations within Belize .

    Option #2: Fly from Canada or the U.S. to Cancun, Mexico and take a Bus to Belize via Chetumal, Mexico

    There are regular coaches from Cancun , Mexico to Chetumal , Mexico which is just north of the Belize border. You’ll enjoy a very comfortable bus ride complete with air conditioning, movies, snacks and reclining seats. The roads are excellent and the journey takes 5 to 6 hours.

    From Chetumal , Mexico you can take a coach to your destination in Belize by booking through Belize Transfer Services . Alternately, you can take a coach from Chetumal , Mexico to the laid-back and friendly town of Corozal , Belize .

    Where to Stay in Corozal Town , Belize : If you overnight in Corozal, the Corozal Bay Resort is serene, has good rates and you can conveniently book online. Lan Sluder, arguably Belize ‘s most notable expert, highly recommends the Corozal Bay Resort, formerly known as the Corozal Bay Inn. The family-run, Tony’s Inn , is another good accommodation option in Corozal Town .

    Option #3: Fly from Canada or the U.S. to Cancun , Mexico and fly to Chetumal , Mexico

    You can also fly from Cancun to Chetumal on hop a coach from Chetumal , Mexico to Corozal , Belize .

    Shuttle Flights within Belize via Tropic Air and Maya Island Air

    Once you’re in Belize , Tropic Air and Maya Island Air offer frequent, short flights to various destinations within Belize .

    Maya Island Air serves the following destinations: Belize City ; Corozal Town ; Dangriga; Savannah ; Placencia; San Pedro; Caye Caulker; Caye Chapel.

    Maya Island Air Reservations:
    Belize International Airport : 011-501-225-2219; 011-501-225-3347
    Maya Island Air – Belize Reservations: 011-501-223-1140
    Maya Island Air – Corozal Reservations: 011-501-422-2333
    Maya Island Air – San Pedro Reservations: 011-501-226-2485; 011-501-226-2560
    Maya Island Air – Caye Caulker Reservations: 011-501-226-0012
    Maya Island Air – Punta Gorda Reservations: 011-501-702-2072
    Maya Island Air – Savannah Reservations: 011-501-520-3130
    Maya Island Air – Placencia Reservations: 011-501-523-3443
    Maya Island Air – Dangriga Reservations: 011-501-522-0617/0639
    Maya Island Air – Tikal , Guatemala Reservations: 011-502-7926-3386
    E-mail:[email protected]
    Book your Maya Island Air flight online .

    Tropic Air Reservations :
    In the US or Canada call: 1-800-422-3435
    In Belize call: 011-501–226-2012
    Fax: 011-501-226-2338
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Book your Tropic Air flight online .

    Take heart – better routes from Canada and the U.S. to Belize are in the works!

    Last year, the main runway at Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport in Belize City was expanded to accommodate bigger jets ~ an encouraging sign!

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