Belize Real Estate Testimonials for RE/MAX Belize Property Center Sales Associates

    Belize Real Estate Testimonial for John Acott, Sales Associate, Cayo District

    For the last six weeks, John Acott, RE/MAX Belize, has been driving me around most of the Cayo District of Belize searching for a reasonably priced, private but accessible, lovely property. He has patiently taken me back to several for a second look and in a couple of cases, for a third look. Finally, yesterday he found me an excellent value, beautiful property near St Antonio that I’m very satisfied and happy with.

    I first contacted John over two years ago with an inquiry about a property that sounded ideal, and was ready to buy it, sight unseen, owing to being stuck in Canada with the covid situation. He counseled me not to buy anything without seeing it first. And he was right, it wasn’t situated in a very good place for me. Not many agents would lose a sale like that, he has exceptional integrity.  

    He has been consistently prompt with email replies to a multitude of questions. His knowledge of conditions and practices here has been invaluable. His wise counsel has prevented me from making some foolish mistakes. Many times, in my search he’s gone ‘over and above’ – he even printed out some maps of San Ignacio when we discovered none were available because of covid! 

    I highly recommend John for his expertise, knowledge, professionalism and patience. I feel so lucky to have had him as my agent. 

    Eleanor Heise, Quebec, Canada (January, 2022) 

    Belize Real Estate Testimonial for Veronica Cal, Manager, RE/MAX Belize Property Center

    On our first trip to Belize in 2014 we fell in love and knew that eventually we wanted to make a home here. We decided in 2021 that the time to “dream” was over and it was time to “do”. We met Veronica when she showed us a home in Yo Creek and immediately felt comfortable and at ease with her. She and her team were patient and helpful and went above and beyond in assisting us in our journey.

    We found a home – and Veronica was both our real estate agent and escrow agent. She and her team were with us every step of the way. She helped make sure utilities were active and transferred, assisted us with property insurance quotes, even helped us locate some furniture.  She was available to answer questions – even the silly ones!

    Veronica and Neuton have become more to us than our “realtor” – they’ve become friends. Welcome to Belize!

    Neal and Dawn (October 2021)

    Belize Real Estate Testimonial for Ollie Natividad, Sales Associate, Hopkins

    We would like to thank Ollie, Veronica and Jonathan at RE/MAX Property Center for their help in buying our dream home in Belize. However, most of all we extend our deepest thanks to Jonathan for helping us through every stage of the process. Being unfamiliar with international purchasing, we needed a lot of guidance throughout this process.

    From the start, Jonathan made himself available to show my husband houses on very short notice. He guided us through writing offers, contingencies, connecting us with closing agents/attorney and even went so far as to help us get services such as water and electricity transferred to our names once the sale was complete. He was our main point of contact throughout the process and conducted himself professionally and with expertise. It was comforting to know he was on our team and really helped make the process seamless. From start to finish a job very well done! Thank you again for helping make our dream come true and for always being there to answer questions in a timely and accurate manner. You are one of the best!

    Steph and Steve (November 2021)

    Belize Real Estate Testimonial for Tiffany Swift, Sales Associate, Cayo District

    We are so lucky to have found Tiffany! We made sort of a knee-jerk decision to move to Belize from the US and we wanted it to happen yesterday. Tiffany played the major part in making our transition seamless, as well as fast! We can be a bit ‘antsy’ about things and probably ask too many questions most of the time, but she was always right there to reassure us and guide us through every detail. Her knowledge of the market, her passion for her home country, and her remarkable patience (especially with us!) are just a few traits that make her the best realtor in Belize, in our opinion! Thank you, Tiffany!! 

    Adam and Rebecca (September 2021)

    Belize Real Estate Testimonial for Tiffany Swift, Sales Associate, Cayo District

    We recently bought our dream property in Cayo for which Tiffany Swift was the real estate agent. Since we could not visit the property in person due to pandemic travel restrictions, Tiffany made us a detailed video tour in which she went above-and-beyond, giving us a very good and detailed overall picture of the property and house. We had never bought a property in Belize before and had many questions about the process, the paperwork, and the property itself. Tiffany answered all our questions with patience, and we found her to be very responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. We had some extenuating circumstances on our end making our transaction trickier, but Tiffany worked with us through these issues and the process was smooth and easy thanks to her expert support.

    Additionally, it was a big benefit that Tiffany is from Cayo and knows the area so well, giving her a deeper understanding and insight into the area.

    Amanda and Andrew (December, 2020) 

    Belize Real Estate Testimonial for John Acott & Tiffany Swift, Sales Associates, Cayo District

    What has impressed us the most about John and Tiffany is that they are problem solvers and get the job done regardless of the obstacles. This trait is worth more than you can put a dollar amount on. 

    We have bought and sold property through Re/max and John and Tiffany have walked us through the ever-changing maze of government and central bank regulations and requirements. Their patience and expertise made the experience much more bearable if not enjoyable. We are happy to recommend these trustworthy and dedicated professionals who have made the transition to our adopted country so much easier and successful.

    Sam and Shelley Glionna

    Belize Real Estate Testimonial for John Acott, Sales Associate, Cayo District

    A good realtor is a skilled and intuitive person…John Acott is such a person. They need to translate a customer’s sometimes vague interest and ideas into solid reality. Somehow, they have to work out what it is the customer really wants. John Acott is such a person. We had been staying in a wood cabin by the river near San Ignacio so naturally started by looking at similar plots. After showing us several houses and plots of land which weren’t quite right John suggested we view a small farm just outside San Antonio Village. Initially we rejected the idea not really wanting to become farmers as we still live in the UK plus it was 9 miles away down a muddy road. But he persuaded us and after 20 minutes of viewing in the rain instantly fell in love with the place. John and Tiffany helped us through the relatively easy process of buying in Belize and after 1 ½ years of ownership we absolutely love it.

    Robin and Sophia Clarke

    “Belize Real Estate Testimonial for Lincoln Eiley, Sales Associate, Corozal District

    Best real estate agent in Belize. I would highly recommend it. I am proud to call him my friend!

    Rolando Martinez”

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