To Belize Property Buyers:

    My husband and I were house hunting in Belize and lucky enough to meet John Acott who works for RE/MAX Property Center. We explained to him our interest in buying but we have to sell our house first. He said “no problem”. John spent the WHOLE day showing us every property we were interested in. Along the way he pointed out many beautiful spots and gave us so much information about Belize.

    We had such a great time, John invited us out for evening cocktails. That was such a good time, learning more great things about Belize, we met for breakfast and started all over again. We ended up spending most of our vacation with John as he continued to show us more of beautiful Belize and all Her hot spots. We love ALL John did for us and can’t wait to move to Belize.

    Anyone looking for property in Belize should contact John Acott. He loves his country, knows everything about, and is just a GREAT guy in general. We’ve learned recently John has an assistant, Tiffany. We can’t wait to meet her when we visit in 2019 for more house hunting.

    E-mail or call John Acott if looking to buy or rent in Beautiful Belize.

    Debi and Tom

    Hi John,

    I just wanted to email you to let you know what wonderful service your office in Placencia gave us. We bought a lot in Placencia while we were vacationing there for the month of February and got to know, Anthony, Gary and Marta very well while we were there. All three of them made our purchase very enjoyable and very simple. I just wanted to say that you have wonderful staff and we were very happy to deal with them. Marta is an angel and is extremely good at her job especially really good with people. I felt very sad leaving our friends in Placencia because that is how we were treated, like good friends and I don’t think I have ever felt so welcome as I did from these three people. They bent over backwards to make our purchase as easy and profitable for us as they could I would recommend your office to anyone wanting to look at properties and Jimmy and I are very excited to come back to Placencia to see our friends and live the wonderful life offered there. Thank you for this wonderful experience and we hope to meet you next year.

    Best regards,
    Debbie S. & Jim
    Alberta, Canada

    Hello John,

    Just a quick line to thank you for all of your assistance during our recent visit to Belize. I must admit that we were a little apprehensive about finding someone professional enough in a developing country to look after us. We should have realized that the Remax name stands for exactly that.

    Unfortunately, we were not in a position to buy at the time because of the need to sell our house in Pennsylvania first but we will be back to see you as soon as that is accomplished.

    We really appreciate you taking the time to drive us around and show us different properties even though you knew we were not going to buy. Also appreciated was the time you took to explain exactly how the system works in Belize.

    But, what really impressed us more than any other, was the fact that you took time out from your valuable free time (we know how involved in local organizations you are) in the evenings to come and socialize with us – not just once but many times.

    We will stay in contact and as soon as our house is sold, we will be heading your way. We don’t just consider you our real estate agent, we consider you our friend. By the way, we still refer to you at home as “King John”.

    Tom & Debi
    Pennsylvania, U.S

    Hello John,

    For starters, I’d like to thank you for all of the energy and personal attention you invested in us. We had a great time (you must realize that you are pretty darn entertaining). We also left the country feeling very informed about the culture and the variety & availability of the properties for sale. Thanks too, for the recommendation of the hotel. I loved feeding leftovers to the turtles & fish. And, Bill. What can I say? He’s precious.


    Hello John,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I appreciate straight talk and constructive criticism. You are the first person that has given us any feedback, and I thank you for that.

    I would very much appreciate your suggestions on what other things and adjustments we could make, and what price we should be asking for in order to sell the place.


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