More Belize Facts

    More Belize Facts

    Bordering Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a small but beautiful country located in Central America but also considered as part of the Caribbean. The mixture of both of these cultures makes Belize an interesting and fascinating country. Here are some facts from the 2010 census that may be of interest to you:

    Roman Catholicism is still the largest religion  in Belize, practised by 40% of the population. Pentecostalism emerged to be the second largest practised religion, increasing its share from 7.4% to 8.5%.

    The Maya, Garifuna, Mestizo, Creole and Mennonites are still the largest ethnic groups in the country.


    • 88000 children are enrolled for formal education.
    • 63,700 children are at the primary level.
    • 17,200 children are at the secondary level.
    • 7,400 children are at tertiary level.
    • The percentage of males outnumbered females in primary education.
    • Females outnumbered males at the university level.

    Information and Communication Technology:

    • A quarter of those (5 years and above) interviewed, had used the internet in the previous 3 months.
    • 45% internet users were between the ages of 15 and 24, which is higher than before.
    • The percentage of people using the internet between the ages of 5
    • to 9, and over the age of 65, were almost equal.
    • Nearly all access the internet through their computer. Very few use mobile devices for internet connection.
    • There is no marked percentage difference in internet usage between males and females.

    Labor Force:

    • The labor force has increased by nearly 46%.
    • 30,000 people are unemployed in Belize.
    • 2/3 individuals of 14 years and above are either looking for a job or working.
    • Twice as many women than men are unemployed. In the Corozal, Orange Walk and Toledo districtsthis number has increased too.
    • The Corozal and Cayol districts have the highest rate of unemployment.
    • Males in Belize earn a higher wage than females.

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