Live Life To Fullest In Ambergris Caye In Belize

    If you think that the title of the article is unbelievable, then you haven’t heard of Belize! This little Central American country, home to about 4,000 species of flowering plants, 540 kinds of birds and 700 kinds of trees, can become your retirement home as well if you take up their Qualifies Retired Persons program! This program, available to anyone from any part of the world in the age of 40 and above, provides retirees and would-be retirees with facilities to retire peacefully in the country.

    Belize is a comparatively new country that was known as British Honduras even in 1970s. It gained independence in 1981 and since then have been a democratic country with a stable economy and money. The population of the country is just 350,000 and is one of the last tropical paradises on earth! The real estate market is quite steady; the prices are rising well but it is not so high for people with modest budget.

    The day to day living cost is highly affordable. For example, your biggest expenditure will be for telephone and internet which is just around $500! If you are renting a property, for $300 you are sure to get a good home with a beautiful view of the sea. Groceries will come around of $150 and if you have a medical insurance, it will be something around $50 per month. Through the program, retirees can bring in their car without any import duty. Maintaining that car will cost you about $300 a month. So if you add all these, you can see that the title is not an exaggeration!

    Couples who move here find that they can live quite comfortably with one Social Security income while saving the other! This is virtually becoming impossible in their country! In fact, they can live quite luxuriously with their meager income in Belize as Mr. and Mrs. Pearce from Canada is doing in Belize for a year or so. They live in a comfortable house with garden and eat delicacies like lobsters or filet mignon in the comfort of their home. Internet connection keeps them connected to friends and family back home and they have maid and gardener to do their menial tasks once a week.

    People who retire here find new things to do even in the twilight of their life. Since the country is just opening up, there are so many avenues they can pursue which can give them not only something to do but will be profitable as well. One such example is the proprietress of Lemon Crush Belize, a popular swimwear brand which is very unique because it is luxurious and classy enough to be worn in beach weddings or for your honeymoon! Lara Lennon, the owner came to Belize in 2006 and was not happy with the swimwear she found in the local stores. Now her creations are seen in elite Belize boutiques and are available online as well. So Ms Lennon has all the more reasons to enjoy her days in Belize!

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