After the virus arrived in Belize, the government acted quickly and decisively to close the airport and borders; to introduce a night-time curfew; and to severely curtail daytime activities. Possible contacts were aggressively tracked and tested.

    There were 18 cases in total of which 2 died and 16 recovered.

    There had been no new cases for months and the country was officially declared “virus-free”. Belize was the only country on the mainland of the American continent with this status and one of very few globally.

    Belize is fortunate in having one of the lowest population densities in the world with only 37 people per square mile.

    Case No. 19 – After many months of being virus free, a Belizean who was repatriated from a cruise ship staff has proved positive. He is in isolation and is being closely monitored.

    Case 20 – Also, a man was caught illegally entering Belize and proved positive. He is under arrest in isolation.

    We have since had a few more positive cases from people crossing the border into Belize illegally. They are under arrest in quarantine.

    Belize can still be considered as being VIRUS-FREE.

    Currently, there are very few restrictions in Belize and life is almost back to normal, although masks need to be worn in public.

    Of course, many families have been affected by the absence of tourists and subsequent income loss and although going through a difficult time, are being supported by family and friends, as is the Belizean way.

    The economy of Belize is dependent on tourism and so the decision has been made to open the airport on 15th August, 2020 but this will only be for tourists and certain procedures and rules apply to ensure that only certain full-service hotels with all amenities and isolated tour arrangements may be used.

    There is no provision yet for other travellers to enter the country and stay at a home or hotel of their choice and move freely around the country.

    The Guatemalan and Mexican borders remain closed and it is expected that these will not open until the end of the year.

    For those thinking of relocating to our beautiful country, we are sorry but you will need to wait a little longer before you will be allowed to travel to Belize and look at properties.

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