Belize: Why Should The Place Be In The Radar Of Those Who Are Retiring

    Every one of us who have worked hard all through life look forward to an easy and comfortable retired life. We want to be away from city chaos and live in a place which is close to nature, easy on pocket and where we can pursue those hobbies and interest which we gave up or neglected in pursuit of our career. If you are one of them or soon to join the rank of retiree, then it is high time you learned about a place called Belize. There are many reasons why this place is in the mind of retirement community in USA; the first being the fact that it is the only country in south of USA where English is the prime language!

    That is because as late as 1973, this country was a British crown colony and was known as British Honduras. Though it gained full independence in 1981, the reigning monarchy of England, Queen Elizabeth II, is still the head of the country. Another great reason why this country should be in your list of dream retirement place is because like its neighbors Panama and Costa Rica, Belize also offers great benefits to those retiring in the country. The country offers a program called QRP (Qualified Retired Person) which will fast track your residency status and also give you host of other benefits.

    Belize, located between Guatemala in the south and Yucatan coast in the north, is an undiscovered tropical paradise. It has lush green forests teeming with all kinds of unique plants and animals, stunningly beautiful coastline with a barrier reef that is second largest in the world and offers a glimpse of its ancient past through ruins of Mayan temples. The coastline is also the best place to snorkel as well fish. In all, the country offers everything you could want in your dream retirement community.

    Ambergris Caye, the country’s largest island and Corozal Town on the northern part of the mainland are two places where expats like you love to settle down. Among the two, the former is a bit costly (you can be neighbor to Leonardo Di Caprio who has a private island here) with hip restaurants and million dollar properties. Living here will feel like you are living in South Florida! On the other hand, Corozal district, just a few miles drive from Mexico’s border, is highly affordable. You can have a relaxing and laid-back life here; go for outdoor activities like boating, diving, swimming or hiking or just catch a movie in the malls and multiplexes of Chetumal in Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which is just 20 min by car.

    All these and much more are making people just pack up their life in USA and head for a home in Belize. A couple from Atlanta, at the verge of retirement, just left their corporate life and moved into their new home in Belize. Their ranch house with fantastic view of the sea was build for just $125,000 which included the price of the land as well. The husband drove into the country with their truck while the wife (and five cats) flew in. Today, they are enjoying their retired life to its fullest!

    Then there is the sexagenarian educator from California who moved to Corozal from Berkeley along with two of her children. She has previously considered Nicaragua but ultimately chose Belize because it offered them sea and sand, something they wanted all their life! Their new home cost nearly one-third of the price they got for their home in Berkeley and, according to them, is three times better than that!

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