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Toledo – The Forgotten District


Map of Belize showing Toledo District
Belize is a country with a variety of landscapes and seascapes. Travelling north to south you are taken through a panorama of sights and sounds. In the north with the fields of sugar cane to the west with the mountains, to the east with the islands and to the south with the jungle and rainforest, you won't get bored with the scenery.

As you drive down the Hummingbird Highway and move to the Southern Highway you will notice that the scenery becomes much more tropical. The trees become denser and there is less savannah type foliage. With the views of the foothills in the background and the trees in the foreground you can't help but be stunned by the magnificent views. Then you arrive in the Toledo District.

Punta Gorda is the main town in the Toledo District. The Toledo District is in the southernmost district in the country with a population and vegetation unlike any other in the country. When you visit this district, take a ride up the two major rivers that empty into the Caribbean and you will feel like you are transported to another time. Lush vegetation lining both banks of the Rio Grande and the Moho Rivers are home to a multitude of flora and fauna, enough to tease herbalists along with bird watchers. If you are one of the lucky ones you will even see Howler monkeys digesting their lunch while lazing around in the trees. Villages dot the district where the Maya live. Some villages don't even have electricity while others have electricity provided by state of the art solar panels.

The special appeal of the Toledo District is the amount of raw land that is available. This presents many opportunities for the entrepreneur to start a business, or for the family that wants a private getaway. If you want to have an exotic farm, this is the place to come. Imagine growing your own cacao, making your own chocolate, or planting your own coconut trees to make coconut oil. You can set up your own eco farm providing guided tours or some other such business as you can think of.

Come stay for a bit while touring around this district. There are several inns of varying prices to suit all budgets. Stay at one of the lodges and enjoy the experience of the jungle. Take a boat excursion out to one of the cayes, spend the day fishing, go cave exploring, zip lining, tubing, or visit the maya archaeological sites that dot the area.

If you are ready for a more laid back simpler lifestyle, one where you can leave a smaller carbon footprint, then the Toledo District is for you.











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