We buy homes Nashville

We buy homes Nashville

Selling your house can often be as challenging as any cumbersome task, and it can sometimes take a bit longer than it took to build the house. Do you have a home you inherited and want to dispose of, or you wish you change your location? Are you bothered about the entire process involved, like contacting a realtor, making consultation appointments, get a listing and sign contracts, and in the end, pay a hefty commission? Put your mind at rest; Chris Buys Homes is at your rescue! 

Contrary to popular belief that Realtors and Estate agents are needed before you can sell your house and that they are inevitably slow and careful, at Chris Buys Homes, you can sell your house fast in Nashville. We buy homes in Nashville of all kinds, both the beautiful and the ugly. Regardless of your house look, don't fret; we buy ugly houses in Nashville. 

Why Do We Buy Houses fast? 

We are fast because we do not go through many processes like last-minute underwriting issues, appraisal, inspections, etc. You do not have to clean the house before you sell it to us. You do not have to repair the home either. In most cases, we flip the house (rebuild it into a new house), so it's unnecessary to repair or clean the house. This will significantly reduce the stress of getting the house ready for sale.

Here's How Our Cash Home Buying Services Works 

  • Consultation: This happens on the phone in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is tell us what your house looks like, its location and your financial situation. It's like a getting to know the house prove.
  • Evaluation: This is done in less than 30 minutes. It involves our staff taking a wall through your property. We'll measure rooms, attic, basement, crawlspace, etc. Then we fill out a notecard, which will then be used to calculate construction expenses, giving us a fair value of what to offer you. 
  • Offer: Within 10 minutes, our staff will get back on the phone to explain your options and make an offer. No closing costs whatsoever. You can leave the property as it is. Once we both reach an agreement on the price, we'll draw up a contract that can either be signed in person or electronically. We present our bank statement as proof of funds to clients who request it.
  • Signing: This can also take place via a phone call under 10 minutes after signing the contract. We'll forward to you a copy of the signed contract and send another copy to a company to conduct a title search before scheduling the closing. The only delay is if there are any concerns with liens, title, or estate issues.
  • Closing: It typically takes place within 7 to 10 days. Compare that to 30 days minimum of selling to a financed buyer; moreover, your house can spend years on the market before you eventually sell it. At Chris Buys Homes, in Nashville, Tennessee, we buy houses, take care of all the details and give you peace of mind and a fair offer that expedites all the hassles of selling.

What You Are Required To Bring To A Closing 

The same items used by Realtors to close a house are required. Things like

  • Government-issued ID card 
  • Deed
  • Keys (garage door openers and keyless card and alarm codes

Will You Get Paid For Your House In Cash? 

No! We won't come with a brief full of cash to pay you. The term "cash buyers" means buying without financing. When we say we buy houses for cash in Nashville, Tennessee, we mean we use a cashier cheque or transfer funds electronically.

Why You Should Work With Us; 

  • Lower risk of the deal falling through 
  • Fewer people involved 
  • Less paperwork
  • Fast and easy 

Are you ready to sell that house you've been hanging on to for a while? Contact Chris Buys Homes to get a fast and fair offer. For consultations, you can contact Chris Buys Houses for the best cash offers on Nashville TN homes at (615) 395-670. We'll get on to buying it quickly and profitably!

We buy homes Nashville
Chris Buys Houses Nashville

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