Paragliding Medellin

Paragliding In Medellin: Enjoy The Breath-Taking City Of Medellin

Of the popular and famous cities in Columbia, Medellin ranks as the foremost. The city's links to Pablo Escobar bears responsibility. While the natural beauty of Medellin, and it's many geographical blessings went unnoticed in the past. The tide is turning. The unique features of the city, has seen the steady increase in interests of a different sort.

One of such activities garnering interests is Paragliding. With the sharp drop in crime rates. Adventure sports enthusiasts have taken advantage of nature's gifts to Medellin.

Tourism in Medellin

Tourism in Medellin has enjoyed a steady rise since the 1980's. The city is affordable, standard accommodation of enviable standard are available. The vibrant night life has also been a huge draw. Medellin also has an assortment of beach resorts. Paragliding in Medellin while being popular isn't the only activity for tourists in the city. An array of restaurants and discotheques spread across the city. Art works are everywhere in Medellin. Murals, statues, beautiful parks are some of the sights. The city museum and library are always open for visitors.

The city of the everlasting spring

The warm and windy weather of Medellin, which has earned it the motto ‘the city of the everlasting spring'. Mixed with the tasteful and rich Columbian cuisine makes Medellin a heart stopper. Surrounded by valleys, and with peaks surpassing 4000 feet. Paragliding in Medellin is a must for true enthusiasts. The welcoming city of Medellin has taken to paragliding. Information on the best spots for launching can be gotten from experts. Training and learning paragliding techniques is also available for newbies. Designated landing spots are also available for safe and smooth descent. Standard paragliding equipment are available.

Paragliding in Medellin: A beautiful way to see the city and the world

Paragliding started in Europe in the 1960's. It's most popular in France. France currently has over 25,000 registered pilots. It was marketed as a sport for tourist and holiday makers in its early days. Paragliding is also popular in Switzerland, UK, Germany and Canada.

Like every adventure sport, paragliding also come with its dangers. Proper training in paragliding techniques is necessary to avoid accidents. Accidents related to the sport are quite low and rare. Cause of accidents are usually limited to faulty equipment or poor training.

Paragliding in Medellin

Enthusiasts of the sport enjoy vantage and roaming vistas. In Medellin, the tantalizing lush green country side provides breathtaking and exhilarating views. The Medellin River which is also called Porce, flows across the city. The blend between the industrial areas, and the country side provides an insightful talking point. The consistency of the thermal wind allows for lengthy air time. Gliding and enjoying the sights. The beautiful public art and the lush green meadows always comes to an early end. Luckily, there are different launch points. This provides variety in flight path and sights.

When tourists' paragliding appetite is quenched. Appetizing restaurants are scattered around. In the city, restaurants offer international cuisine for the less adventurous foodies. The local cuisine is recommended and is gaining worldwide attention. Fruits are affordable and sold on the streets. Some bars show football matches in the evenings. Others play soft relaxing Latin music. Here, a lot of tourists relax with a beer and savor new memories.

Paragliding Medellin

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