extended stay residences Philadelphia

extended stay residences Philadelphia

You will find the best extended stay residences in Philadelphia at Bespoke Stay. Bespoke Stay is an Air-BNB-like organization that provides rental spaces that are flexible, unique, clean, safe, tailored to the needs and preferences of the modern traveler. Staying in a hotel has some advantages, but for extended stays, having your own residence is always the best option. Nobody does extended stays like Bespoke Stay!

All of our residences are private, meaning that you will be the only guest in the home for the duration of your stay. Effectively, the guest owns the place while they are there. All of our hosts are carefully vetted and undergo stringent credit and criminal background checks, as the safety and well-being of our travelers is our #1, #2, and #3 priorities! Philadelphia is an amazing city, but it is also a city with its problems, and we want all of our guests to be safe and well-looked-after, so you can rest assured that no matter which residence you rent, you will be safe and right at home when you choose Bespoke Stay.

Extended Stay Hotel vs. Bespoke Stay Residences

Extended stay hotels are more comfortable and homelike than traditional hotels. For example, extended stay hotels in Philadelphia tend to offer more amenities, like laundry, bedrooms, and kitchenettes but, still, even the greatest hotels can't compare to our extended stay residences in Philadelphia! The difference is feeling like a guest versus feeling at home.

When you choose a residence through Bespoke Stay, your unit will be clean, free of bugs, inside of a safe community, and free of noisy neighbors. You'll have your own luxury apartment with full furnishings and appliances. This includes oven/stove, refrigerator/freezer, sofas, love seats, flatscreen HDTVs, surround sound, tables, chairs, microwaves, heating/cooling, WiFi, phone, coffee makers, dishwashers, and all of the luxuries and amenities that are needed to make an extended stay memorable.

Bespoke Stay Has the Best Locations

In addition to our tip-top extended stay residences, Bespoke Stay units are often inside buildings or communities that give guests access to gyms, swimming pools, and more. Indeed, the residence is only part of the package! The locations that we rent are prime, meaning that transportation is readily available, shopping is close by, and everything you should need during your stay will be within walking distance.

Bespoke Stay's mission is to be the #1 choice for extended stay residences in Philadelphia. That means that we have the best residences for rent, the best properties, the best locations, and the best amenities. If you are looking for extended stay hotels in Philadelphia, contact Bespoke Stay today. We are here to help, and our job is to make sure that your extended stay is one that is comfortable and unforgettable.

Contact Us

Contact Bespoke Stay any time right here on our website. Just use the live chat feature to communicate. If we are not online when you reach out, just click the 'Notify Me' link in the chatbox to receive a notification when we reply. Thank you for considering Bespoke Stay. You won't regret booking with us.

extended stay residences Philadelphia
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extended stay residences Philadelphia
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