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Corozal District


Corozal District is the northernmost district of the nation of Belize . The population was 33,335 as of 2000. The district capital is Corozal Town .

Map of Belize showing Corozal District



Also in Corozal District are the villages of Calcutta , Chan Chen , Chunox , Cocos , Consejo , Copper Bank , Corozalito , Libertad , Little Belize , Louisville , Paraiso , Patchacan , Progresso , Pueblo Nuevo , Ranchito , San Joaquin , Sarteneja , Shipstern , and Xaibe .

While the island of Ambergris Caye may geographically be closest to Corozal District, it is actually a part of Belize District .

Pre-Columbian Maya ruins are found in Corozal at Santa Rita near Corozal Town, at Louisville, and at Cerros .


While Corozal depended for quite a while on the sugar industry, at one time having it's own sugar factory located in Libertad Village, today the economy of this district is as diversified as the people calling it home. While sugar production and other agricultural crops such as papaya are still central to the way of life of many rural Corozalenos, occupations in the tourism industry are slowly becoming more prominent.


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