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The Belize Breeze
Cupid's Arrow Hits Home in Belize!

February 2013

Photo credit: AmbergrisToday.com

Wedding Bells are Ringin' in Belize!

Walk Down the Aisle in the
Footsteps of a Mayan Princess

A Mayan Princess is Wed. Wedding bells were ringing and the world kept turning as the 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012. As the Mayans' 13th Baktun came to a close, the hallowed ground of the Santa Rita Archaeological Eden Park in Corozal was transformed into a magical pageantry. Magnificently costumed performers re-enacted the Royal Mayan Wedding between Gonzalo Guerrero and Zazil Há, a Mayan princess.

No Ordinary Mayan. Guerrero was no ordinary Mayan – born in Spain in the early 1470's, Guerrero played a role in the conquest of the Moors in Iberia in 1492 and then set sail with Christopher Columbus aboard the smallest of his ships, La Niña. Little is known of him until he popped up again in history books in 1511 – this time headed from South America to the Yucatán coast as a full-fledged Spanish Conquistador in a ship laden with looted booty and slaves. Then a hurricane hit, sinking the ship. Guerrero managed to scramble onto a makeshift raft with 17 other men and 2 women.

Cannibalism Made a Dent. Cannibalism made a further dent in the raft survivors. By the time they made landfall, the remaining 8 survivors were captured and enslaved by the Cocom tribe of Mayans, four of whom were sacrificed and eaten pretty much on the spot. The remaining 4 escaped, but were taken captive by the Tutul-Xiu tribe who were enemies of the Cocom Mayans. Guerrero survived and went on to serve alongside the Mayans. He became a military advisor to the Mayans - informing them about Spain, the Spanish fleet and the art of war. That, alone, would have secured his place in history. His influence and tutelage may well have tipped the scales in favour of the Mayans driving out the Conquistadors in the Quintana Roo region of Mexico.

Born a Spaniard. Died a Mayan. Guerrero became a member of Mayan nobility when he wed the daughter of a Mayan Lord in the place now known as the Santa Rita Archaeological Park. They had 3 children together and Guerrero is often referred to as the father of the first Mestizos – further cementing his place in history.

The Heartland of the Maya. This great Mayan Warrior and his Princess Bride were celebrated with theatrical ceremony in the Maya Wedding Garden in Santa Rita – setting the stage for wedding tourism in Belize. If you'd like to heat up your love life and get married in Belize, email the Belize Tourism Industry Association. If you've fallen in love with the country and would like to buy property in Belize, we'd love to assist you! Contact [email protected] today.

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Photo Credit: AmbergrisToday.com

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